There is no business that is not international. Our communication strategy, therefore, always has a look beyond the borders. In PR and press office activities, we cultivate relationships with correspondents of the international press and foreign press agencies. Also, we organize media and business tours in the main world economic centers, and we manage meetings and relations with journalists from foreign editorial offices.


From the op-ed to the tweet. From the TV service to the stories on Instagram. In an integrated communication logic, we combine the press office activity on traditional media with the one on digital media, such as social media management and digital PR. In particular, a team of professionals from the digital world takes care of social network profiles, writes SEO friendly content, and implements social advertising campaigns.


We are a team of journalists with 20+ years of experience. The media decision-makers recognize us as qualified, credible, and valuable partners and communicators. We are well aware of how newsrooms work and, thanks to our background experiences, what processes lead to detecting, covering, and spreading the news. We communicate your messages in a way aligned with pressrooms and journalists’ patterns.