We promote companies and individuals via editorial coverage. We work with Italian and international media groups’ decision makers to communicate your mission, policies, practices and stories, whether you are a government agency, a corporation, a trade association, an institution or a professional. We create and consolidate valuable and credible relations that last over time. We coordinate with the people responsible for producing the news and features in the media to get your stories published. We make sure your events are attended by your target journalists and influencers.

We have a strong experience working with journalists in the press rooms and we will get editorial coverage for your stories both in generalist and specialized media outlets, and even if you are an organization or individual operating in a niche market. We help design your online communications strategies as well, including coverage in the social media, and help you to manage your social network accounts no matter what language you want to use or the geographical region you operate in.

We get media exposure for seminars, exhibits and conferences of all kinds, be them open to the public events or closed-door meetings. We support you in your government relationships. We create or perfect business relations with your stakeholders. We counsel and train management to handle their relations with the press and web media and to speak in public. We have a long experience in managing your company reputation and in designing crisis public relations strategies.


We are former journalists: that is why media relations are the centerpiece of our offer. We boast a long list of successful national and international references.

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  • International press
  • National press
  • Local news outlets
  • Vertical media
  • Tv/radio outlets
Practice areas:
  • Integrated communication campaigns
  • Partnerships with decision makers in the media
  • Institutional, corporate, brand, product communication; crisis management
  • Competitor analysis
  • Benchmarking analysis
  • Analysis of press coverage
  • Crisis prevention and assessment
  • Writing of company profiles
  • Writing of press releases, in Italian, English, Russian, Chinese
  • Writing of pitches, press kits, studies
  • Writing of corporate newsletters
  • Infographics creation, data analysis
  • Video news releases
  • Ghost writing, copy writing
  • Scouting for press coverage opportunities
  • Target profiling
  • Positioning with traditional and social media
  • Communications audits
  • Writing of press/web coverage reports
  • Qualitative and quantitative analyisis of press coverage
Digital PR


We bring our journalism competence into digital PR and apply our long-standing knowledge of the media to all news outlets, including web and social media.

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Our practice areas include:
  • Strategic counseling in online communications
  • Strategic counseling on social media
  • Online media relations
  • Building or enhancing your digital community
  • Competitor analysis
  • Benchmarking analysis
  • Brand awareness analysis
  • Web reputation analysis and improvement
  • Quantitative and qualitative analysis of social media presence
  • Website positioning analysis
  • Mapping of influencers
  • Mapping of web reputation
  • Mapping of blogs and portals
  • Social account management
  • lanning of integrated editorial coverage
  • Designing and managing web advertising campaigns
  • Live tweeting
  • Blogging for the web, creation of corporate blogs
Business Relations


We analyze your organization and business and find the relevant content to distribute to your stakeholders in institutional meetings of all sorts and levels in Italy, Europe, the United States and China.

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  • Networking events with agencies, institutions and research centers, partners and stakeholders that help you build up your business
  • Lobbying


To further support our clients’ communications strategies, we create and execute special events – from seminars to press conferences – designed for public outreach and media relations.

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  • Media coverage of the event
  • Selecting and inviting journalists
  • Selecting and hiring the appropriate moderators
  • Social media coverage of the event, including live tweeting


We counsel and train management at all levels in the organization with regard to communication, helping them handle media interviews and relations and/or crisis situations and guiding them to an effective use of social media.

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Our courses are designed for top executives, professionals, communication officers and PR managers.
  • Media training
  • Crisis communication training
  • Web communication training
  • Formazione per il top management
  • Workshop aziendali su nuovi strumenti digitali
  • Corsi di personal branding online
Crisis communication


We handle media relations in case of an incident or a true crisis situation, protecting and defend individuals or organization facing a public challenge to their reputation.

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  • Quick response
  • Risk analysis
  • Mapping of stakeholders
  • Building of effective messages
  • Selection of the right communication channels
  • Multimedia messages