Faes Bilingual School

The FAES Association was founded in the 1974 in Milan thanks to the initiative of a group of parents and professors. The abbreviation “FAES” means “FAmiglia E Scuole” (Family and School). It is an officially recognized private school that includes all school levels from kinder garden to high school:

  • Aurora (bilingual kinder garden, from 3 months to 5 y.o.)
  • Monforte (female bilingual primary school, 6-10 y.o.)
  • Argonne (male bilingual primary school, 6-10 y.o.)
  • “Licei” o high school (classic, scientific and humanistic specializations)

The educational methodology of the FAES school is based on the educational union of the school and the family, as well as the excellent didactics and cultural equity. For this reason the teaching at FAES is highly personalized and innovative.

To be precise, the teachers and tutors of FAES center their activities on the student and his or her personality. Their main objective is to help each student develop his or her personal abilities and talents as much as it is possible.

Apart from the classical curricular subjects the didactics at FAES includes soft skills, social and humanistic studies and complete bilingualism at primary school.

d’I comunicazione is a consulting partner and press office of the FAES school. We manage media relations and support the digital communication and social media activities of FAES.